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Upcoming programs in Hungary

Gozsdu Montmartre Budapest 2016 Quality Tours Hungary DMC

until 25 September 2016, Budapest, Gozsdu courtyard

“Montmartre” is going to move into Gozsdu courtyard every Thursday between 10am and 6pm. Through the joy of live art, this unique series of events evokes the atmosphere of Montmartre and brings the world of art into the heart of Budapest. Visit Gozsdu courtyard where beginners and pros get on well with each other and create your own piece of art.

Bartók exhibition Budapest in 2016

until 8 January 2017, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Organized on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of Bartók’s birth, the exhibition of Ludwig Museum presents art works inspired by the famous Hungarian composer and ethnomusicologist. While struggling to express their relationship to the Bartókian ideal using the tools of contemporary art, the artists aim is to create new works through analysing the concepts of the national, the modern, fieldwork and scientific processing.

Modigliani Exhibition Budapest 2016 Quality Tours Hungary DMC

until 02 October 2016, Hungarian National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery hosts the first extensive display of the Italian painter’s art in Hungary. Accompanied by works on loan from several great public and private collections, the exhibition features more than eighty pieces (61 original Modigliani among them) including nudes, portraits and statues. Through his sculptures, paintings and drawings, this large-scale showing explores the main periods and stylistic turns in the work of Amedeo Modigliani (1884–1920), as well as his relationship to his contemporaries (e.g. Pablo Picasso, Jacques Lipchitz or Henri Laurens).

Wine Weeks in Balatonfüred in 2016

6-28 August 2016, Tagore promenade

Responsible for the most delicious nectars in the Balaton Uplands, the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region celebrates every August with the Wine Weeks in Balatonfüred, a festival with long history. Winemakers will serve their wines to guests in charming tents set up on Tagore promenade for three weeks. The festivities bring a rich palette of cultural and folk events to every night throughout these three weeks in Balatonfüred.

Bénye Wine Festival in 2016

11-14 August 2016, Erdőbénye

The aim of the festival is to present Erdőbénye, a genuine contender for the title of the most enchanting hamlet in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region, with its wineries, farmers, gastronomy and craftsmen. This truly is a one-of-a-kind event brimming with stalls and stages to visit, as all the official venues of the festival are in the gardens of local people. Walking through the streets of the village, you will notice that each location has a slightly different atmosphere. This cavalcade of colours and authentic personalities make up what is called Bor, Mámor …Bénye [Wine, Euphoria …Bénye].

Flower Carnival of Debrecen in 2016

15-21 August 2016, Debrecen

The greatest cultural event of Hungary is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Fascinating performance groups from all corners of the world arrive to the weeklong festivities each year to provide an exciting carnival atmosphere. The celebrations reach their climax on 20 August, when all unique flower compositions, decorated with several hundred thousand flowers illustrating scenes from legends and fairy tales, are rolled through the streets of Debrecen.

Private Garden New program in 2016

Summer and Autumn 2016, all around the country

A few exceptional private gardens are going to open their doors to groups of visitors all around Hungary. Roses, irises, English landscape gardens, meandering paths and other hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered by nature enthusiasts. Professional guided tours are provided by the owners themselves who have been nurturing and taking good care of their plants for long years.

Festival of Folk Arts in 2016

18-21 August 2016, Budapest

2016 marks the 30th year that the finest Hungarian craftsmen will move into Buda Castle for a few days. Their main purpose is to introduce living, albeit rarely practiced traditions that bear the mark of an old, bygone world and the taste and lifestyle of its ingenious, resilient inhabitants. Besides fairs and expos where guests will have an opportunity to purchase the goods made by the craftsmen themselves, a variety of quality shows and programmes makes up for a perfect combination.

Savaria Historical Carnival in 2016

25-28 August 2016, Szombathely

Featuring more than 200 shows from the world of music, theatre and gastronomy, the Savaria Historical Carnival is the greatest historically based total arts festival in Central Europe that provides high-quality entertainment for everyone. As 2016 has been declared a St. Martin memorial year, this year’s carnival will lay special emphasis on presenting the life and mysteries of the saint who was born in Savaria.

International Tisza Fish Festival in Szeged in 2016

2-4 September 2016, Szeged

At one of the greatest and most prestigious gastronomic and cultural events in Hungary, the best traditional fisherman's soup a la Szeged is being prepared in the Giant Cauldron. Even the ingredients arrive in unusual ways: a witch flies down from the sky with the paprika, and the best onions are transported from Makó on the River Tisza. Besides traditional delicacies, the cream of Hungarian artisans and craftsmen is also going to be present on the riverside of the city centre.

Wine Festival of Budapest 2016

8-11 September 2016, Buda Castle

A unique event, even by European standards, the Buda Castle Wine Festival boasts several hundred producers and attracts thousands of visitors each year, which makes it an outdoors wine adventure of great significance. Further enhancing the experience is the variety of folk programmes as well as an astonishing panoramic view of the banks of the Danube surrounded by the historic setting of Buda Castle.

International Goulash and Folk Festival in 2016

9-11 September 2016, Szolnok

Goulash is one of the most famous signature dishes of the Great Hungarian Plain region. The organizers’ professional aim is to meet the needs of not only cooking teams and their contributors and friends, but also of visitors. The festival thus hosts performances and shows as well.

Budapest Design Week 2016 Quality Tours Hungary DMC

23 September – 02 October 2016, Budapest, Millenáris

Held since 2004, Budapest Design Week features more than one hundred events. Here, in addition to generating public good, economic importance is also given special emphasis. This year’s event will be focusing on the relationship between the human body and the tools, objects and different types of built environments that surround us.

Bartók Evening in 2016

7 October 2016, Palace of Arts, Budapest

Bluebeard's Castle and The Miraculous Mandarin are unsettling dramas of unrequited and requited love. To chart their shared territories, and then to stage them in a way that pleases the senses is one of the highest challenges in theatre art.

Harp Festival in Gödöllő in 2016

7-9 October 2016, Gödöllő Palace

It has already become a tradition for the best harpists of the world to return to Gödöllő every October, offering a special musical experience to their audience. The Gödöllő performances by invited artists are considered outstanding even by international standards.

Art Market Budapest  in 2016

13-16 October 2016, Millenáris, Budapest

Art Market Budapest is an international contemporary art exhibition and fair featuring several thousand pieces by approximately 500 artists on nearly 6,000 square meters. 100 exhibitors are going to be present from 25 countries, including all significant Hungarian contemporary galleries. The exhibition has a special focus on young galleries and artists, a few of whom will make their introduction to the international arts scene at this year’s market.

Liszt Festival in Gödöllő in 2016

21-23 October 2016, Gödöllő Palace

For the past few years, the Liszt Festival of Gödöllő has been a renowned venue for fostering universal cultural and artistic values in support of public interest. In addition to reviving old traditions, the organizers’ aim is to incorporate innovative ideas as new works from the oeuvre and reinterpretations of old masterpieces are presented each year.

Grand Concerts on St. Martin’s Day in Budapest 2016 Quality Tours Hungary DMC

10-13 November 2016, Budapest Sports Arena

What makes your St. Martin’s Day weekend unique? Besides going for foodie pleasures, we would also recommend the following concerts in Budapest:
10 November 2016, Jean-Michel Jarre: ELECTRONICA world tour, Budapest
11 November 2016, Placebo: 20 Years of Placebo anniversary tour, Budapest
13 November 2016, Vivaldianno - 3D City of Mirrors, modern variations on Vivaldi’s music, Budapest

Candlelight Express on St. Martin’s Day 2016 Quality Tours Hungary DMC

11 November 2016, Budapest-Gödöllő-Budapest

The Candlelight Express is a dinner train offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience and a three-hour ride in its saloon, bar and nostalgic dining cars of atmosphere. First class meals and premium wines are served during this most romantic time travel trip.

St. Martin New Wine Festival and Goose Feast 2016 Quality Tours Hungary DMC

12-13 November 2016, at the Hungarian Open Air Museum (Skanzen) in Szentendre

On the first weekend of November, a two-day family outing, majestic goose feasts and new wine tastings are on offer at the Hungarian Open Air Museum in Szentendre. This is one of the country’s most popular St. Martin’s Day folk festivals, with folk music all around and opportunities to learn Hungarian folk dances all through the day. In addition to that, visitors will be offered to learn about traditional folk crafts such as plucking feathers and shelling corn.

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